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Crowdfunding association

Latvian Crowdfunding Association

Society goals

1. To ensure the representation and implementation of the interests of crowdfunding service providers working in Latvia at the national and international level, promoting the development of the industry;

2. To promote transparency and good governance in the crowdfunding industry;

3. To adopt a code of good practice for crowdfunding relevant to all platforms and crowdfunding professionals;

4. To serve as a forum for the implementation of good practices in the industry;

What does the Association do?

The Latvian Crowdfunding Association brings together Latvian crowdfunding service providers (Platforms) to develop good practices in the crowdfunding industry in Latvia. The Association represents the interests of the crowdfunding platforms in cooperation with the Financial and Capital Market Commission, the national parliament and government, the media, and other organizations. The Association also represents the industry with cooperation partners and industry participants in other EU member states. By operating in the Association the Platforms, their owners, and their managers have the opportunity to work together to create a facilitative environment for the development of the Platforms, which will promote the rapid attraction of foreign capital to the Latvian economy. Membership in the Association is open to any Platform that is a licensed crowdfunding service provider or has initiated license activity in the Financial and Capital Market Commission.

Our Vision

The Association and its members are convinced that collective financing services are a critical part of the economy and that such services will improve that society's quality of life, environment, and economy. The orderly operation of the industry will promote the attraction of significant capital from other EU member states to the Latvian economy, thus promoting prosperity throughout the country. The Association sees Latvia as one of the leading EU member states in crowdfunding services and financial technologies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Latvian Crowdfunding Association?
The Latvian Crowdfunding Association is a non-governmental and independent association established to promote transparency and good governance in the crowdfunding industry.
How to become a member?
Any merchant who provides crowdfunding services can become a member. All members bust be licensed or in the licensing process. To join, please write to .
Why become a member?
Because we unite crowdfunding service providers in Latvia, ensuring the representation and implementation of their interests at the national and international level and promoting the development of the industry.
How long does it take to become a member?
Once we receive your emailed application, it will be processed in about one week; you will become a member of the LCA and will received industry news and current events updates.